Healthy tour in Jermuk
10 days / 9nights

You will have  a  great opportunity  not only to  relax on the hospitable Armenian land    which  itself contributes to recovery, but also to have a qualified medical  survey of the whole body and improve  health.


Healing properties of mineral waters of Jermuk were known about already in the early middle ages. William Saroyan,  the great American Armenian  writer,  wrote that  Jermuk is the highest celestial throne of Armenia. Light, heat, the Sun  are here in abundance.

Healing waters, combined with  mild climate  and  predominance of sunny days, abundance of forests and alpine landscapes, fast-flowing rivers, noisy waterfalls, lakes, narrow gorges make Jermuk attractive for tourists from all over the world. Jermuk is a  gorgeous resort and  a perfect place to relax. You will notice  silence and breathe invigorating freshness of mountain air everywhere, you will feel   fragrance of flowers. You will admire   magnificence of  architectural ensembles: modern sanatoriums, shady streets,  a park and  a water  gallery in the heart  of Jermuk.

The water gallery is a business card and symbol of Jermuk.

We offer  a 10-day program for those who want to get everything at once: become healthy on the healing mineral waters, enjoy the beauty of nature and historical monuments and feel  warmness  of hospitality in  Armenian sanatoriums  and rest houses, which are located  among picturesque mountain chains with lush forest cover.

In Jermuk you can treat the following:

-Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, enterocolitis);

-Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

-Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system nephritis, kidney stones, inflammation of the bladder, chronic inflammation of genital organs); --Gynecologic diseases;

-Liver, gallbladder (cholecystitis, cholangitis), pancreas;

-Metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity, eczema);

-Diseases of the nervous system;

-Skin diseases;

-Diseases of the respiratory system, allergies

Along with  medical treatment   we  offer excursions to  sights of Armenia. You can choose  any excursions you wish:


In Syunik, on the bank of the Arpa River, not far from the village of Gndevaz, in the gorge  surrounded  by the Syunik mountains, there is a monastery of the 10th century named  Gndevank.

The monastery was built by  Prince Smbat’s  wife, Sofia. After constructing the monastery she wrote:

 " Vayots Dzor was   a  ring without a stone, I built this monastery and inserted a precious stone in its frame."


Noravank monastery  is located on the edge of a  gorge, among red  sheer cliffs.

The most notable construction of the architectural monument is the Church of the Holy Virgin, built in the 14th century by the talented architect and sculptor Momik. On the territory of the monastery there are many khachkars (cross stones ), among which Momik’s masterpiece  stands.

Not far from the monastery you can taste delicious Armenian  wine at one of numerous Areni wineries.

Jermuk waterfall

The Jermuk waterfall is located at altitudes of 1700-2200 meters.The picturesque area is on the southern slopes of the Vardenis mountain range, where the Bald mountain and Sim  hill  are located.

Shake Waterfall

Shake Waterfall  is one of the main attractions not only  in  Sisian region, but  also in all  Armenia. It is located 3 km north-west of Sisian. Near  Shaki village   two streams of the Vorotan River are connected in  a small but  very beautiful waterfall. Here you can visit  the ruins of Shake monastery of. According to a  legend, this area is named after Shaki, one of 93 virgins, who miraculously escaped the flood. The height of the waterfall is 18 m.


Near a  village  with the same name on the edge of the  deep gorge of the Vorotan River is  Tatev Monastery, a major religious and educational center of medieval Armenia. The architectural ensemble of the complex harmoniously combines with the majestic scenery of the mountainous Syunik region.  The main building of  Tatev Monastery, the temple of  Peter and Paul Apostles,  was built  in the 9th century, and   St. Grigor church with  a gallery that was served as a  university building and other buildings were constructed later.  "Wings of Tatev",  the longest ropeway (5.7 km) in the world,  was built to  reach  Tatev Monastery.  The ropeway  riding   offers you a fascinating journey.

While  flying   over the canyon, you will feel like  a bird, and below  a breathtaking beauty.

 All these attributes really make   Tatev monastery  a tourist destination of  the highly  world level. After a  12- minute   flight over the fairy gorge, we will find ourselves at the monastery.

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