Healthy tour in Arzni

According one legend, Semiramis treated the wounds of Ara the Beautiful by the immortal water of Arzni...

Another legend tells that during the small breaks between invasions and wars, Tigran the Great cured his fatigue and

diseases in Arzni.

 In Arzni  the  legend from the past has become  real. Together with Edentour  you can organize  your treatment and rest

in sanatoriums and rest houses of this  unique  modern resort.


Arzni  is situated at a height of 1250 meters above sea level on the 23th km to the North of Yerevan  where clear and ringing purl of Hrazdan river can be heard.

Excellent climatic conditions with lots of sunny days in a year, the beautiful nature of Armenia on the slope of the gorge covered with forests and bushes, delicious  Armenian cuisine,  abundance of vegetables and fruit in summer, very warm hospitality of Armenian nation make Arzni   resort   in Armenia  a wonderful place for rest and treatment.

We offer  a  7 –day  program for those who want to get everything at once: become healthy on the healing mineral waters, enjoy the beauty of nature and historical monuments and feel  warmness  of hospitality of the Armenian sanatoriums  and rest houses, which are located  among picturesque mountain chains with lush forest cover.


In Arzni  you can treat the following:

- Diseases of the cardiovascular system:

- Chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract:

- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

- Metabolic disorders:  diabetes (mild to moderate severity),  disturbance of lipid exchange

-Chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs

- Neurosis, exhaustion 

 «Edentour»  offers to combine pleasant and useful and have excursions  while staying in Armenia.

Garni  is the only preserved pagan temple on the territory of Armenia. It  is located  in the gorge and surrounded with picturesque mountains. You can have lunch in Garni  village and taste Armenian  national dishes. If you go down to the gorge you will not only see but also hear the Symphony of Stones , a wonderful masterpiece created by nature.


In  the north east   7 km from Garni  in the  gorge of the Azat River you will see Gegard monastery   complex (XII-XIII centuries). According to  a legend  the spear that pierced  Jesus Christ’s body was hidden for a long time among the rocks of   Geghard monastery. That’s why it  was called “Geghardavanq” which is translated  from Armenian as “Monastery of spear”. Gegard  monastery is  listed in the World human heritage by UNESCO. The unique property of the monastery is that it is carved in the rocks.

 Lake Sevan and Sevanavank monastery.

You must see Lake Sevan,  the blue pearl of Armenia.Lake Sevan  is  the largest freshwater high-altitude (alpine) lake in the Caucasus region. The lake is situated in Gegharkunik Province, at an altitude of 1,900 m  above sea level.The Sevan peninsula, located 3 km  east of present-day Sevan, is home to one of the most notable samples of medieval Armenian architecture, the Sevanavank Monastery of the 9th century built by Princess Mariam,  King  Ashot  Bagratuni’s daughter. 


The monastery of Haghartsin  built in the 11-13 century  is located on the emerald meadow, hidden  amid the forests of Dilijan National Park. For its rich and beautiful nature Dilijan with its  countryside is  called "Armenian Switzerland". 


In the upper  streams of the river Aghstev, on the slope of the gorge, surrounded by   an oak forest,  you can see  Nor Getik monastery or Goshavank. The Church of St. Grigor the Illuminator, the book depository with  Bell Tower, school building and galleries were built in 12-13 centuries. The monastery enjoyed the glory of a major educational centre of medieval Armenia. The monastery is directly connected  to the name of  Mkhitar  Gosh, the author of numerous fables  and the first Armenian Criminal Code, which was used for centuries not only in the courts of  Armenia, but also in Georgia. On the territory of the monastery you can admire a lot  of  well preserved  cross stones.

Lake Parz Lich

Parz Lich is near Dilijan. Here you can admire beautiful   lake among   deep forests. The name of the lake  means "Clear lake".  You can also have hiking /2-3 km/ to Lake Gosh.

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