Tasty Armenia
8 days / 7 nights
4-7 pax
596.46 USD
2-3 pax
758.99 USD

Armenia is a country of mountains and famous Caucasian hospitality. Travelers are attracted by ancient monasteries and temples, unique ethnic culture and original cuisine. And special warm attitude of locals towards guests makes their stay in Armenia not only pleasant and memorable, but forces them to come to Armenia again, to try all the tasty national dishes and learn the secrets of their preparation. We offer you to discover Armenia through national dishes.

Armenian cuisine is as bright, rich and delicious as the country of Armenia is.


Day 1. Yerevan Arrival in the international airport Zvartnots, Yerevan. You will be met by our guide and transferred to the hotel. After accommodation and a little rest you will have a welcome lunch / dinner in one of national taverns in the city. It will be your first acquaintance with the ethnic cuisine in traditionally bright colours, tastes and sounds. You will try one of the famous dishes - khorovats/barbecue made of meat and vegetables. You will feel the taste of summer in this dish.Return to the hotel.


Day 2. Garni - Gegard In the morning after breakfast we are going to get acquainted with ancient saint places of Armenia which are considered outstanding monuments of human heritage: they are the temple of Garni and the monastery complex of Gegard. Garni temple (1 century) was the former royal summer residence, and the only pagan construction preserved up to now. The temple is located in a very picturesque gorge among beautiful mountains and the valley of the Azat River. In Garni you will have a tasty rural lunch with  homemade wine. You will try khashlama - a dish made of lamb with vegetables and spices. After lunch the excursion will continue to the monastery complex of Gegard (4 century), a unique architectural construction located in the gorge of the Gokht River. The rocks surrounding the monastery as well as the monastery are included in the list of the World cultural heritage of UNESCO. At the walls of the monastery you can buy Armenian national pastries - gata, and a lot of sweets made of dried fruit and nuts. Return to Yerevan. Free evening for walking, shopping or just for relaxing and having a good time.


Day 3. Sevan – Dilijan Today a wonderful day is waiting for you. You will try the most tasty fish and will see the most beautiful places of Armenia. 2 pearls: Lake Sevan and  Dilijan - so called Armenian Switzerland.  On arrival in Sevan we will go up to the peninsula where you visit Sevanavank monastery. Look around – breathtaking beauty! For lunch you will be served grilled or cooked fish newly caught from the lake. After lunch – a trip to Dilijan with its charming deep forests. Not far from Dilijan in Gosh village you will visit Goshavank, a medieval monastery of XII—XIII centuries.  We’ll come back to Dilijan and sink into the atmosphere of Armenian warm hospitality at the center of culture, art and cookery, the Dilijan orran. Here you can have interactive master-classes of national dances, carpet weaving or homemade vodka or wine preparing. You can find yourselves a groom or a bride at a performance of a traditional Armenian wedding. At the center there are a lot of souvenirs made for sale. We are sure you‘ll be having an amazing time! Return to Yerevan.

Day 4. Echmiadzin – Zvartnots Breakfast in the hotel. You will have the excursion to Echmiadzin, the spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. You will visit the Holy Mother Cathedral of Echmiadzin which was constructed in the 4th century. You will see St. Rhipsime St. Gayane and Shoghakat churches  as well. All these masterpieces of architecture are included into the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. The dish of the day is kyufta of Echmiadzin, one of the most ancient dishes for what Echmiadzin is famous. They are beaten-off meatballs from beef prepared in a special way. After cooking kyufta is served with wheat porridge. On the way back you will visit the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral, built in the 7th century, which is an excellent example of early medieval Armenian architecture. In Yerevan you will have an excursion with brandy tasting at “Noah” brandy factory. Free evening. It is time for enjoying singing and dancing fountains on the main square of the country.


Day 5. Khor  Virap – Noravank – Areni In the morning you’ll start an excursion towards the cradle of Christianity - Khor Virap monastery. Besides the ancient monastery you will admire the panoramic view at majestic Ararat mountain. Then you will continue the trip to Noravank monastery, a unique construction of medieval architecture among red rocks. The dish of this day is the best known tolma. You can taste several types of tolma wrapped in grape leaves, either in vegetables or in cabbage leaves. The last destination of the excursion day is Areni village where you will have a wine tasting at one of the local wineries. Return to Yerevan.

Day 6. Ashtarak – Amberd – Oshakan (park of letters) The Excursion day starts with a trip to Amberd. The Fortress Amberd located on the southern slope of Aragats mountain, was built in the X—XIII centuries by Pakhlavuni princes. After visiting the fortress our tour will continue to Ashtarak where you  try by the next traditional dish of  Armenian cuisine – harissa: tasty  porridge made of wheat and chicken. After lunch – excursion to the park of Armenian alphabet and St. Mesrop Mashtots's church in Oshakan. Return to Yerevan.


Day 7. Yerevan – Vernissage We will devote this day of our program to Yerevan. You will have a city tour around Yerevan, and see the most interesting and beautiful places of our capital. You’ll also visit the Vernissage – an open air fair of local craftsmen. You can buy a lot of wonderful souvenirs for memory. The lunch will be in one of the national taverns of Yerevan where you choose dishes you like. You will spend the evening in one of jazz clubs ( if you are a fan of jazz).


Day 8. Breakfast in the hotel. Depending on your flight you can do shopping in the Northern Avenue or in one of Malls in  Yerevan. Transfer to the airport for your flight.


The price of the program includes:

-All the transfers Все трансферы

-Guide service

-Accommodation in hotels 3*,4*,5*

-All the dishes according to the program

-Brandy tasting at <>

-Wine tasting in Areni

-Entrance tickets in Zvartnots and Garni

Additionally paid :

Master–classes in Dilijan 



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