Armenian National dress TARAZ

Taraz is an Armenian traditional national costume, the design of which has gradually changed over the centuries depending on many factors. Of course, in the beginning people wore very simple clothes to keep warm and survive. Gradually, with the advent of new textiles and paints, clothes acquired aesthetic values. The first basic materials used in Armenian clothing were wool and cotton. Before starting their own production of silk, the Armenians imported silk from China. Silk fabrics became a symbol of wealth. We were able to determine how clothes changed, thanks to the preserved ancient frescoes and works of art. There are also written documents describing Taraz. They help keep the chronicles of the historical development and artistic creation of Taraz.

The colors used in the Armenian Taraz over time began to acquire special significance. By the 14th century, the Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi explained the dominant elements of taraz. Black is earth, white is water, and yellow is flame. Later, violet appeared for wisdom, red for courage, blue for heavenly justice.


People could learn a lot about a man by his suit. One could, for example, determine whether a person is married or not by the color of a taraz. This is very important for a person who wants to attract someone. Taraz also expressed a person’s lifestyle, pointing to his wealth and number of children. Women's clothing had decorative embroidery. If she was rich, her clothes were decorated with gold and silver threads.

Perhaps a woman's apron will depict the tree of life. The decorative elements on clothes representing everyday objects such as scissors, bowls and jugs symbolized the modesty of the woman.

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