Classic tours to Armenia

Taste of Armenia
Taste of Armenia
FROM: 486.08 USD
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Tour To Armenia
Tour To Armenia
FROM: 278.48 USD
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Adventures in Armenia <br /> 5days/4nights
Adventures in Armenia
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Active Armenia <br />7days/6nights
Active Armenia
FROM: 534.18 USD
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To Armenia with kids<br />6 days/ 5 nights
To Armenia with kids
6 days/ 5 nights
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UNESCO heritage monuments in Armenia <br /> 7 days / 6 nights
UNESCO heritage monuments in Armenia
7 days / 6 nights
FROM: 470.89 USD
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Armenia - the Cradle of Christianity! <br /> 6 days / 5 nights
Armenia - the Cradle of Christianity!
6 days / 5 nights
FROM: 503.8 USD
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Classic  Armenia   <br /> 4 days / 3 nights
Classic Armenia
4 days / 3 nights
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Colorful Armenia <br />5 days / 4 nights
Colorful Armenia
5 days / 4 nights
FROM: 544.3 USD
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Classic tours to Armenia

This page presents our classic tours to Armenia, which are also the most popular. If you are planning your first tour to Armenia, then our classic excursion programs are for you.  You can buy a tour to Armenia from our agents and partners in your city, or directly through our Yerevan main office. The prices of the programs are presented both for individual requests, and for selection groups with guaranteed departures. The plan of each trip to Armenia, presented in detail, was developed by competent tourism specialists, but on an individual trip can always be adapted to your preferences. If you do not make a choice, send an application for the selection of an individual tour - write to us about your interests and the consultants of  the company EDEN TOUR  will organize the offer espaccially for you.

If you are planning your first trip to Armenia, then this tour is for you. The excursion program is designed so that in just a week of your stay in Armenia you will be able to get to know our country as far as possible. You have time to discover traditions, interesting facts from the history of Armenia, to visit the most important historical, cultural and spiritual centers, to communicate with colorful people.
As it should be, our tour is with a gastronomic accent and you can try old, native Armenian dishes made from natural products, take part in a master class on baking Armenian pita bread (Lavash)  and learn how to prepare the gifts of Sevan (fishes)  from a real chef. It will not do without strong ones - we will get acquainted with the process of making Armenian wine and legendary cognac, after which tasting will follow.
The tour is designed so that you can enjoy the amazing diversity of nature, see the mountains, forests, caves, gorges and waterfalls of Armenia - for almost the entire tour being under the magnificent view of the legendary biblical Mount Ararat. In developing this program, we used all our experience and desire to present solar Armenia to our guests in all its beauty and versatility.
Almost every month, from April to November, we have group tours of this classic program. We recruit only mini groups of up to 15 people and all tours are conducted only in Russian. All groups are served by comfortable transport, the best guides and, not at all accidentally, this tour has become the best and most sought-after tour product Barev Armenia, from which we are guaranteed to receive positive feedback.

Dear traveler! Our classic tours are the most popular programs in Armenia. They include many components ranging from history, architectural, culture, completing nature, cuisine and all sorts of gifts of the Armenian land. In such a holiday, everyone will find a pleasant note for themselves. But our task is that at the end of the journey, these notes should be poured into a beautiful melody that will remain in your heart forever!
Some places are so delightful that there is a desire to stay there, get some fresh air, be alone with your thoughts and of course fully enjoy nature. There are many miracles in Armenia, some of them are hidden from view and are not on the main roads of the country, therefore those who are galloping miss a lot of amazing places, bizarre canyons, temples hidden in the mountains, fortresses and so on. If you ask a traveler who traveled all over the country, and which Armenia is like, then we can expect the answer that Armenia is strange in colors and contrasts, not a single corner of this land is different, almost every 30-50 km views, landscapes, relief change , vegetation, mountains and ravines, rocks and valleys in each region are unique and inimitable. But even in a short time, with a competent approach to the compilation of the program, you can have time to see the most important and interesting. We can write a lot about Armenia, but experience shows that the best witnesses are your impressions! We will be happy to receive you in Armenia and talk about what we value, love and admire every single day of God. Welcome to Armenia !!!

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