Gata Festival
Gata Festival
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Wine Days in Areni
Wine Days in Areni
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Wine Days Yerevan
Wine Days Yerevan
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Yerevan Taraz Fest
Yerevan Taraz Fest
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Jazz Festival
Jazz Festival
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Khorovats Festival
Khorovats Festival
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Dolma Festival
Dolma Festival
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Come and enjoy our hospitality and explore the popular annual Armenian festivals held in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Join the crowds that have been coming to our festivals year after year. Participate in cultural and sport events, film screenings, special exhibits, delicious food offerings, folk music, dance, and other activities. Spend a leisurely day with your friends and family, viewing beautiful handcrafts, or idling through the exhibits, that capture the fascinating history of the Armenians. Try a delicious meal and have a great time while you are at it. Eden Tour Armenia is proud to be associated with those celebrations and will assist you in every step for you to be part of these exciting events!

Yerevan wine days 2019

On May 3rd and 4th, the Yerevan Wine Days will be held on Saryan St, between Tumanyan St and Pushkin St.

The festival features local wine and cheese producers displaying their products, and there is a special zone for wine sales. Local restaurants offer Armenian and world dishes as pairings with wine. This is all accompanied by talented musicians and dancers of various genres, including one of the best local DJs.


Dolma festival 


In 2011 was decided to organize a festival, which would be devoted to one of Armenian dishes: dolma. The aim of the festival was to promote the traditional Armenian meals and establish Armenian cuisine, which is considered one of the non-material cultural assets of all Armenians. Dolma is traditional Armenian dish made of ground beef, lamb and spices wrapped in grape leaves. Just like last year, this year also the festival took place in Sardarapat Memorial. The venue of the festival is not selected by chance: the first Armenian national dolma was prepared in Sardarapat nearly 3,000 years ago. During the festival 20 pavilions introduced their varieties of dolma and the jury decided the best dolma maker among the participants of leading restaurants in Armenia and individuals from Yerevan and regions as well as representatives of the Greek and Ukrainian communities of Armenia and educational institutions. The dish is served in ceramic dishes. The tastes of different tolmas is different reflecting the methods of preparations and ingredients used in different areas – Artamet, Alashkert, Echmiadzin, Mush, and others. Besides the tolma fragrance visitors at the tolma festival venue in Sardarapat, some 40 kilometers west of Armenian capital Yerevan, can also listen to Armenian folk songs and watch national dances. Guests taste the tolma and then start dancing.


Bread in the Mountains Festival



Every year on June is organizing the exhibition-festival of ritual meals ''BREAD IN THE  MOUNTAINS'' near  the Erebuni Museum. During the festival the Armenian national holidays and ritual cuisine are presented by separate pavilions. During the festival thousands of visitors are tasting the blessing of Armenian ritual cuisine, the ethnographers are explaining to the guests the origin, the advice and the meaning of holidays. During the festival the Armenian national holidays and ritual cuisine are presented by separate pavilions. During the festival thousands of visitors are tasting the blessing of Armenian ritual cuisine, the ethnographers are explaining to the guests the origin, the advice and the meaning of holidays.

Sheep shearing festival



The festival is primarily aimed to promote local products, traditions and culture of the Vayots Dzor and Syunik provinces, as well as to develop rural tourism, which will contribute to the economic development of both regions.

The "Sheep Shearing Festival" presents:
a) the sheep shearing competition between 16 best shearers from the 14 communities of the region.
b) the exhibitions and fair with the produce of local manufacturers, homemade food and popular drinks of the communities.
c) other competitions and games, live music, dance, rope walking, sport tournaments, interactive games for kids (the guests will also have access to the food court, café and playground).


Taraz festival – traditional armenian costumes


The festival is arranged every year and it is a celebration of one of the richest of Armenian traditions – “Taraz”. Traditional “Taraz” (national dress) reflects the cultural identity of the nation and the peculiarities of the national character. In the course of history the clothing of every region received its unique style and features, so the traditional Armenian “Taraz” was divided into two large groups – Western and Eastern Armenian.


Barbecu festival



Of course, barbecue is a meat dish known everywhere; however Armenians have their own special recipe and call it “horovats”. In Armenia, only men are involved in the process of barbecue preparation. They buy all the necessary products beforehand and then prepare special marinade for meat. Another national peculiarity is a vegetable side dish prepared from tomatoes, eggplants, and green pepper which are roasted on the fire and then served with meat. “Horovats” is considered a national dish and not by chance that a festival is annually organized in its honor. It takes place in Lori region, in Ahtala village (145 km from Yerevan). Both famous cooks and amateurs present about 40 different kind of barbecue. The event is accompanied with songs, dances and interesting games. No one will be bored!


Honey and berry festival


The Honey and berry festival allow visitors to enjoy the honey and berries of Tavush/Shamshadin region, as well as tasting of traditional dishes made of these berries and honey. Artisans from the local community and from other regions of Armenia will present and sell themed handicrafts during the event.

The festival presents an opportunity to share the cultural values of communities, to contribute to ethnic tourism as well as economic development in the region. The Honey and Berry Festival in Berd is an annual festival implemented with the significant involvement of the local community.


Vardavar - water festival



Now a Christian tradition, Vardavar's history dates back to pagan times. The ancient festival is traditionally associated with the goddess Astghik who was the goddess of water, beauty, love and fertility. It is tradition of spilling water on each other.As for an ancient legend pagan Godess Astghik had spread love on Armenian earth by pouring water from roses. Vardavar is one of the most favorite, joyful and noteworthy holidays in Armenia. After adopthing Christianity this holiday had some changes and now days it is celebrated as a holiday devoted to the well – known event of the Christ’s transfiguration, when he appeared to his disciples on the Mount Tabor in his brightened appearance.


Fish festival


The fish festival is aimed to make fish dishes more popular in Armenia. For the first festival was choosen Easter eve considering fish the symbol of Christianity. During festival villagers have opportunity to show their product.


Gata festival



The "Gata Festival" is a one day affair of celebrating the traditional Armenian dessert gataGata is a pastry or sweet bread,  and there are many variations of gata, and every town or a region will have their own version. It can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and may be decorated or left unadorned. One popular variety is gata with khoriz, a filling that consists of flour, butter and sugar. Gata can have other fillings such as nuts, most commonly walnuts. Join the festival and enjoy the 2 meters long delicious gata and other traditional dishes, while you get entertained with traditional songs and folk dances.


Carpet Festival



Armenian carpets have an old history and are famous not only within their native land but also abroad. Carpet festival presents a great opportunity for masters to demonstrate their works and for clients to get acquainted with this amazing craft and even buy the most beautiful exemplars. The event takes place every year (every 2-nd Saturday of August) in a cozy and picturesque town Dilijan (100 km from Yerevan). In addition to the carpet exhibition, guests will also get acquainted with other works of applied art.


Wine festival



Wine-making in Armenia has very ancient history. This fact is proved by the recent archeological excavation in the caves of Areni village, where the oldest winery in the world was found. And it is here in Areni village where every year from 2 to 3 October the wine festival takes place. This colorful event is accompanied by the vivid parade of the best winemakers of Armenia and song and dances.


International Film Festival “Golden Apricot”



The goal of this festival is to promote creativity and establish a network between filmmakers from different parts of the world. Another goal of this festival is to address through a film issues of human experience, the daily lives of people, both ordinary and extraordinary, their troubles and joys, as they try to determine meaning in a changing world, struggling to redefine themselves in a world that recognizes fewer and fewer boundaries.


Erebuni-Yerevn festival


The very first time the “birthday” of the city was celebrated in 1968, when the capital became 2,750 years old. Then this tradition was terminated and renewed only in 1998. Since then, the “Erebuni-Yerevan Festival” is celebrated widely with various events held around the city.


The Syunik mulberry festival



The “Syunik Mulberry Festival” will be held at the Goris Regional Park. The festival is primarily aimed at making Goris an attractive tourist destination and boosting the social and economic life of the communities around the area. Each community will be represented in the Park, offering the visitors the national and the regional dishes, primarily the mulberry products: the world renowned mulberry vodka, dried mulberries and doshab (the mulberry molasses).


Yerevan beer fest


The “Yerevan Beer Fest” organized within the frames of the three month municipal program under the umbrella of “Yerevan Summer” events. The Fest will gather its beer fans at the Swan Lake, where the leading Armenian beer producers will present their best products. During the festival numerous contests will be held such as, “The Fastest Beer Drinker”, “The Fastest Beer Drinker with a Straw”, “The Fastest Hot Dog Eater”, “The Fastest Peanut Peeler”, “The Fastest Crayfish Eater”, and many other contests.


Harissa festival



Musaler became famous, when six Armenian villages on the Mediterranean coast in Ottoman Turkey, have decided to put resistance during the Armenian Genocide in 1915. For almost 53 days Armenians fought for their lives against the Turkish soldiers and survived. Eventually, they were rescued by the French sailors who spotted the banner, which Armenians tied up on the tree saying “Christians in Distress: Rescue!”. The villagers were offered “harish” to eat by the French sailors who rescued them. There is a village in modern Armenia called similarly “Musaler”, where the memorial to that event is erected. So you will see why the festival centers around the cooking of harissa. The 40 huge pots of harissa are being cooked every year on the anniversary of that event, to celebrate the act of utter bravery by those Armenian villagers. The harissa consists of chicken or lamb, mixed with wheat or other grains into a thick porridge. At the preparation of harissa the Musalerians gather around the bonfire and sing traditional and patriotic songs all night long.


Yerevan duduk featival



Music of Armenia is delighted to announce the launch of Yerevan Duduk Festival, an annul Yerevan based festival, which, for the first time, will take place from 9 to 11 October.

Celebrating the beauty of this unique instrument, Yerevan Duduk Festival aims to preserve and promote the legacy of duduk and its music. For three days, Yerevan Duduk Festival will bring together musicians of all backgrounds and levels of experience in an event solely dedicated to this utmost treasured instrument. (Young) duduk players and the general public will have the chance to deepen their knowledge and experience of duduk and duduk playing by attending a masterclasse by Norayr Kartashyan.

Yerevan Duduk Festival is an annual festival, which further enhance the importance of duduk and provides a platform for local and international duduk players and interested audiences to learn more about the instrument and fully experience its rich and versatile music.

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