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Holiday Tours

May Holidays in Armenia
May Holidays in Armenia
FROM: 334.18 USD
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On May holidays to Armenia <br />4 days/3 nights
On May holidays to Armenia
4 days/3 nights
FROM: 329.11 USD
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May Holidays <br />5 days/4 nights
May Holidays
5 days/4 nights
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8th March in Armenia <br />3 days/2 nights
8th March in Armenia
3 days/2 nights
FROM: 286.08 USD
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Armenia-The Cradle of Christianity: Celebration of Easter
Armenia-The Cradle of Christianity: Celebration of Easter
FROM: 278.48 USD
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Jazz Festival in Yerevan
Jazz Festival in Yerevan
FROM: 412.66 USD
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May Holidays </br>8 days/7 nights
May Holidays
8 days/7 nights
FROM: 627.85 USD
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On the eve of the holiday, each of us desires fun, a change of scenery, something unusual. All this can be achieved through travel, and many people wonder – where to go for the holiday weekend?

EDEN TOUR offers tours to Armenia, which can be done on March 8, during the May and November holidays, and the New Year holidays. Holiday excursion tours are attractive in all respects: at this time there are inexpensive flights from major Russian cities to Yerevan, you can enter Armenia with an internal passport, the prices for excursions are quite affordable for every tourist, the country has a wonderful festive atmosphere, and tourists are surrounded by hospitable locals who understand Russian well.

A trip to Armenia for the holidays is a great opportunity for family and friendly communication, which takes place in an interesting and attractive country in all respects. Travel is the best gift for a loved one!

Tour to Armenia on March 8

On the eve of the romantic spring holiday “International Women's Day” on March 8, every man asks himself the question: “What to give to a beloved woman?” A great option is a festive trip!

The company "EDEN TOUR" can make the dream of a trip come true by offering everyone an excursion tour to Armenia on March 8. The price of this tour is affordable for everyone! The trip will be filled with magnificent emotions and unforgettable moments.

May holidays in Armenia

May is one of the best months of the year. This is the time when nature awakens from winter sleep, flowers bloom, leaves bud, the air is filled with amazing spring scents. For Armenia, May is a month of victories. Historically, all the main events of this country took place in May. Such dates as Victory Day and Workers' Day are widely celebrated here. On May 8, the country celebrates Yerkraba Day – a holiday that appeared during the period of the country's independence, and on May 9 – the Day of Liberation of Shushi. On May 28, the country celebrates the day of the proclamation of the Republic of Armenia.

May is a wonderful time to travel to Armenia. During these days, you can not only visit excursions but also participate in celebrations held in the country. During this period, everything favors tourists – incredibly beautiful nature, maximally passable mountain trails where all conditions are created for hiking.

The tourist package for tourists is a mix of day-long excursions with a return to Yerevan and a ring tour, during which tourists will spend the night in Goris. During these tours, the best routes and places related to the May holidays will be covered, such as the Sardarapat Museum. The cherry on the cake in this journey is an excursion to the Tatev Monastery (Syunik region), which tourists reach by cable car, the longest in the world, called the Wings of Tatev.

November holidays in Armenia

Autumn in Armenia is the most beautiful time of the year. It is so colorful that staying in hotels during this time is simply unreasonable, as tourists have a great opportunity to walk through magical Yerevan, which is immersed in the magical colors of autumn, and travel around the country, where the autumn nature is so beautiful.

A trip to Armenia for the November holidays is a time spent with maximum benefit. During the four-day tour, travelers will make a trip to the south of Armenia to the Armenian-Iranian border. During this journey, ancient temples, architectural monuments, and magnificent and colorful places will be explored. Tourists will taste Armenian cuisine and famous drinks born in this country. They will be surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful valleys along the way.

Important: the company plans the last classic tour of Armenia also in November, so tourists can always join it.

New Year in Armenia

Everyone awaits the New Year holidays – both children and adults. Its advantage is long holidays, and the company “Eden Tour” offers to make the most of them by going on a trip to beautiful winter Armenia. Here everyone will find a great vacation: children will take a break from hard studies, and parents will change their work environment for a few days and get away from everyday problems.

The company “Eden Tour” offers tours to Armenia for the New Year. Yerevan turns into a fairy-tale city on New Year’s, immersed in bright and alluring lights.

New Year's tours will allow tourists not only to get to know the country, getting deeper acquainted with its vast historical roots and rich cultural heritage, but also to taste the best national dishes and traditional drinks, including the famous Armenian brandy.

A trip to Armenia for the New Year is a lot of pleasant impressions from a bright holiday, a complete immersion in the magnificent and friendly atmosphere of Armenian fun and hospitality.

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