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Gastronomic Tour

Armenia - a paradise for gourmets!<br /> 7 days/ 6 nights
Armenia - a paradise for gourmets!
7 days/ 6 nights
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Tasty Armenia  <br /> 8 days / 7 nights
Tasty Armenia
8 days / 7 nights
FROM: 596.46 USD
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Wine Tour: Feel Armenia in Wine! <br />  6 days / 5 nights
Wine Tour: Feel Armenia in Wine!
6 days / 5 nights
FROM: 481.01 USD
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Gastronomic tours to Armenia

The ancient country of Armenia has many unique features inherent only to its. This also applies to dishes of Armenian cuisine, which are distinguished by their originality and unusualness. Made from products grown on generous Armenian soil, they are seasoned with various aromatic spices, mountain herbs, and delicious fruits. Armenian food invariably improves mood, makes life happier and more festive. The company EDEN TOUR, offering tours in Armenia, always organizes them so that tourists have the opportunity to get acquainted with the cuisine of this area. Lovers of delicious food will take pleasure in all tours conducted around the country, because on any route they will have the opportunity to try national dishes and drinks in local restaurants and houses.

In order to list all the traditional Armenian dishes, the thick cookbook is not enough, because this list includes wonderful Armenian kebabs, tolma (beef or legumes in grape leaves), hashlama (soup and various sorts of meat), meat rolled into balls - Kuta, Ariza (chicken with groats), Tanapur (soup from groats and prmyanskogo yogurt matsuna), the famous Khash - soup from pork and many, much more. Even the most sophisticated tourists, spoiled cuisines from different countries, will enjoy the excellent Armenian drinks - amazing wines, fruit vodkas and famous Armenian brandy. Any person who has tried Armenian dishes at least once will fall in love with her for life. EDEN TOUR company guarantees the absolute environmental friendliness of the Armenian national dishes offered to tourists.

Offers of  tour operator «EDEN TOUR» will allow tourists to enjoy all the delights of gastronomic tours. A few days trip to this picturesque country, known for its beauty and amazing hospitality, will allow each tourist to get the same high-grade rest as for a whole month in any other area.

The trip as part of the "Culinary Tour" involves the inspection of numerous attractions. These are natural areas, cultural and historical monuments. Armenia is one of the oldest countries of Transcaucasia, therefore every square meter of its territory is permeated with a memory of the past.

Attracted tourists familiarity with the culture of winemaking in Armenia. Herodot wrote about the beautiful Armenian wines. Tourists will be able to see how they make these drinks, they will be able to produce tastings and purchase the wines they like the most. Of particular interest is familiarity with the production of the famous Armenian brandy. It is appreciated all over the world by all lovers of spirits, from ordinary people to heads of state. It is known that Winston Churchill drank a day not less than a bottle of this beautiful drink throughout his long life.

Visiting  restaurants with national cuisine gives tourists the power to actively explore the sights.
The dishes of the Armenian cuisine are distinguished by an exceptional balance and by their very nature are intended for healthy eating.

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