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School Tours

Armenia for children!  5 days / 4 nights
Armenia for children! 5 days / 4 nights
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Unforgettable tour in Armenia 5 days / 4 nights
Unforgettable tour in Armenia 5 days / 4 nights
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Adventures of little travelers in Armenia <br />5 days/4 nights
Adventures of little travelers in Armenia
5 days/4 nights
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School tours to Armenia

School years are the best time to gather a variety of impressions, discover the world, absorb the knowledge gained. Information received in childhood is saved for life and memories will always be vivid and enthusiastic.

EDEN TOUR company offers tours to Armenia for schoolchildren. Tours of this ancient country, the first in the world to adopt Christianity, characterized by excellent weather conditions, ancient architecture, a huge number of attractions - will be the perfect solution to combine a pleasant journey with a useful pastime.

EDEN TOUR specialists develop excursion programs for schoolchildren, which are carried out on holidays in spring, summer, winter and autumn. Covered and final holidays. When conducting tours most serious attention is directed to the safe implementation of travel. Children are most protected from the slightest danger.
The main goal during school tours in Armenia is cognitive. Schoolchildren can see with their own eyes the most famous and popular places in the country, get additional information about the subjects that they study in classes. Highly qualified specialists, competent in all matters relating to travel and excursions, work with young travelers. They are well versed in how to communicate with adolescents and there are no problems when traveling.

Organizing and conducting school trips is a thorough and painstaking work. The employees of EDEN TOUR do it very carefully, given the slightest preferences of their customers. Great attention during the trip is paid to the daily life of the Armenian people. Children visit artisans who create objects of folk art, for example, are present in the manufacture of khachkars. They will see with their own eyes the process of making popular national dishes and will be able to participate in it. It will be particularly interesting for schoolchildren to make the preparation of the world-famous Armenian lavash in a tonir oven.

A large number of people of art have always lived in Armenia, among which there are quite a few world celebrities. Their works are exhibited in numerous museums that children must visit during school tours in this country.

Nutrition of young travelers on tours in Armenia is carefully thought out. For the most part, it is three times a day, variety is present in every meal. Accommodation of tourists takes place in the main hotels of Yerevan and other cities of the country, guest houses and boarding houses.

During trips to the mountains, schoolchildren are provided with tents and other equipment, including mats, sleeping bags and bivouac equipment.

Rest during the tours will be varied. Horse riding, hikes, picnics in nature, visits to caves, participation in excavations are provided. With children will be exciting activities, games, quests, competitions.

EDEN TOUR will be happy to become your tour operator for school tours!

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