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Season of Peace

The most prominent features of the Armenian spring are the calm weather, fascinating landscapes and the warm, friendly atmosphere. It’s the time of the year when the skies are their clearest, and the sunshine its brightest. Everything, starting from flowers to trees to people’s minds and souls, is in full blossom during the spring.

The very calm atmosphere of the season is supported by the different shades of green and pink that the nature blossoms into. The colorful carpets of the flowers appear on each step of the rural areas and even in the center of the cities. The reason for this are the various wildflowers that grow in the Armenian foothills. As the trees prepare to for the harvest, their branches are decorated by different shades of pink and purple flowers. The flowers are later followed by juicy and rich in flavor fruits and berries. One of the most important fruits and a reason for many to visit the country is the Armenian apricot. The golden symbol of Armenia’s culture and art.

The weather is also rather gentle, the temperature transitioning from 0 C up to 27 C throughout the entirety of the 3 months. It rains often, yet it’s never cloudy or muddy outside. Rather the light rains are completed with the warm rays of sunshine and followed by mesmerizing rainbows.

When Ancient Holidays Meet Modern Traditions

The spring is believed to be the favorite season for the Armenian women. From March 8 to April 7 the whole country gathers to celebrate the intelligence, beauty and power of the women. The period between these two holidays is known as the women’s month. Throughout this period each day is a celebration for women all around the country. It’s not uncommon for men to confess their feelings or to simply show their admiration to women around them by gifting them flowers and various other gifts. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself showered with flowers during this time of the season. 

However, the celebrations in spring aren’t limited to only women. One of the most significant ancient Armenian pagan holidays takes place on March 21st. Spring equinox or the birthday of the ancient pagan god Vahagn, is believed by Armenians to be the true start of the spring. The holiday symbolizes the victory of the god of fire and lighting over Vishap (Dragon), an antagonistic personality in the Armenian mythology. This event also explains the story behind Vahagn’s full name, Vahagn Vishapakagh (Vahagn Dragon Reaper).​

Must Tries of the Armenian Spring

The answer is everything. The gentle warm weather allows for a huge range of activities and experiences, almost anything that comes to your mind is possible during this season. The activities for this season are best divided into 2 categories: for the lovers of adrenaline and for the lovers of inactive leisure. 

For those who wish to simply relax, the country presents a big number of resorts and culturaland historical sites. Even a simple walk around the capital, Yerevan, has the potential to become a fulfilling experience. The streets are filled with the various aromas of flowers and freshly trimmed grass. People start leaving their houses more often due to the warmth and beauty that the spring brings forward. A huge number of cafes and restaurants attract people from all over the world, offering a taste of the Armenian cuisine and beverages to the visitors.

Spring is the right time to travel outside of Yerevan and get acquainted with Armenian historical treasures. It’s time to engage in extreme sports and tourism. The country is full of things to try, including, but not limited to, off road drivingparaglidingziplining, bungee jumping, jet skiing, hot air balloon riding and so on. The perfect dose of the adrenaline rush along with the beautiful landscapes presents a whole new way to experience the country.

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