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Composer festival “Modern Classics” in Armenia


From November 1 to November 9, the Composer Festival “Modern Classics” will be held in Armenia for the first time. Fans of musical art during the festival will have an exceptional opportunity to listen to the legendary composers of our day arriving from different parts of the world in Yerevan - Cygan Chen, Krzysztof Penderetsky, Alexei Shor, Georgs Peletsis, Alexander Tchaikovsky and Karl Jenkins. The Armenian composer Tigran Mansuryan will join them.
The goal of this large-scale and unique in nature program is to give viewers the opportunity to meet the legends of our time and enjoy their music in live performance. This is the first festival in the world that will provide a unique opportunity to gather in one place a whole galaxy of world famous composers.
“This is an event that has no analogues in the field of Armenian music,” said composer Tigran Mansuryan. The maestro emphasized the importance of the fact that the music of his good friend Gia Canchelia will also be played at the festival. Mansuryan expressed regret that Kancheli himself would not be present. “We are all waiting for an interesting ten-day festival. On November 1, several noteworthy works will be heard. I am glad that the daughter of my old friend Aleksan Siranosyan, Shushan Siranosyan, is here and will take part in the festival. She is a mature violinist. I admire the performance of Mario Bronello. I’ve been waiting several years for him to come to Armenia and speak here. Finally, he will come to Yerevan, ”Tigran Mansuryan noted with joy. “They will both be playing my music for the first time. The composers who are supposed to arrive in Armenia are really today's classics, ”Mansuryan noted.
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