Wine Days Yerevan

The event is held annually on the first Friday and Saturday of May from the intersection of Baghramyan and Moskovyan streets to the intersection of Saryan and Pushkin streets.

The purpose of the “Wine Days of Yerevan” event is the development of tourism in Armenia, and ensuring the recognition of our country as one of the oldest cradles of winemaking. During these two years, the event had a positive impact on raising awareness about Armenian winemaking, wine and event tourism, as well as on the development of the Armenian economy.

During the event, many wine and cheese makers will present their products and sell their wines at a special fair, where special zones will be located. Local and not only restaurants will provide Armenian and world-famous dishes - served with wine. All this will be accompanied by upscale and multi-genre music and dancing, including disco party with the best local DJs.

We are waiting for everyone for the wine festival in Yerevan!