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Winter Armenia! <br /> 6 days / 5 nights
Winter Armenia!
6 days / 5 nights
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Tours to Tsakhkadzor from EDEN TOUR

Armenia is a mountainous region, where there is a special climate that allows tourists to rest in this country at any time of the year. Lovers of winter recreation associated with skiing, especially attracted by the rapidly developing resort of Tsakhkadzor. Skiers and snowboarders aspire here for active recreation from all over the country. But not only the ski slopes attract tourists to Tsakhkadzor - Aragats and its slopes are considered the most beautiful place on the planet.

The company EDEN TOUR reports that the ski season lasts in Tsakhkadzor from mid-December to mid-April. Depending on weather conditions, this time period may vary slightly. The air temperature in winter in Tsakhkadzor can reach as high as -15 degrees, and cloudless sunny weather is here 230 days a year.

On Tsakhkadzor, five tracks of varying difficulty have been created. There is a new trench, which can be overcome only by professionals or insanely brave downhill fans, a route has been created for serious lovers of alpine skiing, and there is a route that anyone can master, even without serious preparation. For self-confident skiers, there is an old gutter, and there is also a descent, which snowboarders will like very much.

The resort is equipped with a lift that takes skiers and snowboarders to a height of 2,982 meters. The height difference is 1200 meters, the climb to the third place will take about 40 minutes. This is the third stage of the lift.

The second stage is a track with a length of up to three kilometers. This is a flat track, with a width of virgin lands up to 300 meters. The weather conditions in Tsakhkadzor are such that it even two weeks of virgin remains soft, not being covered with an ice crust.

The bobsled track is the first phase of the lift. Here, only professionals and unprepared people train here, the road is ordered, because there is a real opportunity to fly off the track at a sharp turn of 270 degrees and fly off a cliff, which is replete with huge boulders. Snowboarding fans can admire what is happening on the track from a height. To climb here used cable car Litner, chetyrehkreselnaya.

The tracks are constantly sprinkled, and there are no problems with snow. Untouched snow keeps snowboard well and it is impossible to forget this feeling. The second turn is delivered by a double-seated cable car.

The third stage is served by a high-speed lift, the KKD is 11 minutes. Here come the real fans of extreme sports. There is no specific direction of movement - you can go in all directions. In the presence of slopes with sharp corners, sports chute. There is also a cornice, 10 meters long. The main feature - from this territory you can see Mount Ararat and the Ararat valley. In fact, from here you can see the whole Armenia - a huge lake Sevan bright blue, Big and Small Ararat (Masis and Sieve).

All this must be seen with Your own eyes, because ascending here, man really comes closer to the Cosmos, absorbs his energy. All sad thoughts are forgotten here and feelings that have not been experienced before are revealed. This feeling of infinite beauty is remembered for a lifetime.

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