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Christmas Holiday Tours - Etchmiadzin
17.72 USD

Echmiadzin (Hripsime, Cathedral, Gayane), Zvartnots

The tour starts at 10:00. A trip to the most holy place for every Armenian is the Armenian Vatican - Echmiadzin, the official residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians. Since the adoption of Christianity by Armenians, the throne of the Catholicos of All Armenians was located here. In this place are kept many significant Christian shrines: a spear pierced Christ, a particle of Noah's Ark and the Hand of St. Gregory the Illuminator. You will also see the basilica of St. Gayane built in 603, the temple of St. Hripsime of 618 and the later church of St. Shokagat. All these churches, along with the main cathedral of Echmiadzin, are on the UNESCO list of the cultural heritage of humanity. On the way back, you will see the ruins of the ancient cathedral church of Zvartnots. Return to the hotel. Next to Echmiadzin Square is the cathedral, which was founded in 301 AD. Return to Yerevan.


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