The pagan temple of Garni, a unique monument of the Hellenistic era, preserved on the territory of Armenia. It is located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Yerevan, in the picturesque gorge of the Azat River. In the 1st century AD in a fortress located on a triangular hill, Trdat I commands the construction of a delightful temple dedicated to the God of the Sun Miter. After the adoption of Christianity, it has not been destroyed, but became the summer residence of Armenian kings. Nowadays, around the temple you may see the remains of the ancient fortress, the royal palace and the royal baths with multi-colored mosaics and the mysterious inscription "worked without getting anything," hiding the strength and power of the past.


On a light green background of the sea, images of the gods of the Ocean and the Sea are surrounded by fish. A wide strip of pink color runs along the perimeter of the mosaic. The tonal transitions of the water surface give the impression of the movement of waves. A peculiar interpretation of human figures depicted with oriental faces. When traveling to Armenia, be sure to visit Garni, this is the only place where you can appreciate the contrast of Christian and pagan architecture.