Khor Virap, is an ancient monastery, located close to the border of Turkey. The monastery is famous for its location at the foot of Mount Ararat. The monastery is a pilgrimage place for every believing Armenian. Khor Virap was built between VI and XVII centuries, above the dungeon where the baptist of Armenia languished for the spread of Christianity - St. Gregory the Illuminator, until King Trdat decided to accept Christianity as the state religion. The dungeon, where the Holy Elder suffered, was the Royal dungeon (“Khor Virap” - “deep pit”).

The prisoners were lowered here into the pit. According to the legend, St. Gregory the Illuminator has been in this pit for 13 years. Once King Trdat was cured, and accepted Christianity, he issues a decree according to which he gave Grigor all rights to proselyte the people to Christianity. In 301, Armenia became the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion.

Mostly people come here to feel the Christian spirit, see the beautiful architecture and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Ararat.