City Dilijan


Dilijan is known for its amazing nature and mild climate. It is a resort town located to the north of Lake Sevan. A very interesting road: first you climb up the mountains, and then you dive into a long tunnel, exit from it and suddenly find yourself in a completely different world. The residents say that you get into little Switzerland: fresh air, high mountains, dense forests. The resort is located in the picturesque valley of the river Aghstev. The town is famous not only for its sanatorium, but also for its architectural monuments: Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank, Khachkars, etc. Probably everyone remembers that the hero of the film “Mimino” Rubik lived in Dilijan, and he was proudly saying that here is the best tap water in the world, after San Francisco ;-). In the central square you can see the monument to the heroes of the film "Mimino".

In 2014, the Dilijan International School opened, the locals are very proud to have an educational project of such quality. The idea of ​​an international school came from businessman Ruben Vardanyan, when he and his wife were looking for training options for their children. Now it is a whole campus where it is planned to train up to 650 people from 50 countries every year. It is noteworthy that education here is available for young people regardless of their financial situation - charitable foundations from Armenia and the UK sponsor their studies.

In the depths of the Dilijan Reserve Lake Parz is located, which means "clean, transparent." Now a small amusement park has been equipped on the lake: a zip line above the lake, boats, a horse for walking.

Every year, many tourists come here to relax, health, air and enjoy the crystal clear water from natural mineral springs. Picturesque Dilijan is looking forward to see you! And we will be happy to answer any questions on the tour.