Lake Sevan, is located at an altitude of about 1900 m. It is the largest lake of the Caucasus. Area is 1240 km². The average depth is 26.8 m, the maximum is 80 m.

The Hrazdan River flows out. The waters of Sevan and Hrazdan are used by the Sevan Cascade of hydroelectric power stations. To replenish the waters of Sevan, a tunnel (48.3 km) was built to transfer the waters of the Arpa River into the lake.

The lake owes its origin to the volcanoes of the Geghama Range. An eruption of lava about 250 thousand years ago dammed the valley of an ancient river. The resulting basin began to be filled with meltwater of glaciers and snowfields of the ridges surrounding it, and later with river water.

The lake is not rich with fish, but Ishkhan, the local breed of trout (from the salmon family), is in great demand due to the excellent taste of its tender pink meat. Anyway, lowering of the lake level drainages those parts of the bottom that had the best conditions for spawning.

Today, hotels, motels and hostels of various levels of comfort operate on the entire coast of the lake: from luxurious to inexpensive The number of vacationers increases sharply in the summer, especially on weekends. However, Sevan is beautiful in any weather and at any time of the year (the average air temperature in January is only minus 8 degrees).

If you visit Armenia in the warm season, be sure to visit the mountain lake Sevan, where you will find both local sights (Sevanavank, Hayravank) and delicious dishes from fish caught directly from the lake.