Amberd is a historical complex located on the slope of Aragats at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. The complex consists of a castle of the 7th century and a church of the 11th century.

The building of Amberd was started by Armenian prince Kamsarakan. Over time, a small outpost turned into a well-defended fortress. However, the Kamsarakan family had to transfer this strategic point to another Armenian princely family, Pakhlavuni, who turned it into his residence. The famous Armenian commander Vahram Pakhlavuni, who lived in the XI century, ordered to improve the fortification of the Amberd fortress, and also by his decision, a church was built here, which was later named in his honor - Vahramashen.


Despite the high security of Amberd, he was captured by the Seljuks who came from Central Asia at the end of the XI century. And then, already in the XIII century, this beautiful castle was captured and destroyed during the invasion of the Mongols. But not even a hundred years later, when Amberd was restored, and for several centuries he played the role of an outpost until he lost his strategic importance. Gradually the fortress was abandoned, and today only the church is preserved here as a historical monument.

Be sure to visit Amberd as a magnificent example of Armenian ancient fortresses.