Hayrivank is a monastery located on the western shore of Lake Sevan in the Gegharkunik marz. The temple is built of black stone and belongs to the 9-12 centuries. The main beauty of this place is conveyed by many cross-stones, with which the whole territory is filled. To the northwest of the monastery there is a Bronze Age fortress and a small cemetery. The name Hayrivank is Hayr Hovhannes Vank, which means "the Monastery of Father Hovhannes."

There are many legends and traditions associated with this place. According to one of them, in 1381 during the invasions of Tamerlane, the Mentor Hovhann with the help of the particle of the cross of Christ turned thousands of people into doves and released them from the church. The monastery’s Mentor threw himself into the sea in order not to see the destruction of the monastery, but by God's will he didn’t drown, but remained on the surface. Struck by this, Tamerlan promised everyone who was hiding in the church salvation. All the locals were fit in the church, and turned into doves, flew away and were saved.

This picturesque place is undoubtedly worth being seen by you.