On the left bank of the river. Arpa of Vayots-Dzor Marz of Armenia, the tiny village of Areni is a pilgrimage object for connoisseurs of fine wines and unique architectural monuments.


Since 2009, an annual international wine festival has been held in the village every year - a large-scale cultural event dedicated to tasting young and aged local bottling wines, in particular, the products of the Areni Winery winery, founded in 1994 on the basis of a small family-owned enterprise. There is a winery at the entrance to the village.The tour of the production hall, the cellar and the vineyard is most often carried out by the owners themselves, describing in detail all the stages of the production of the famous wine exported to the CIS countries and Europe. At the end of the tour, guests are offered a tasting - you can purchase some exclusive varieties exclusively in the shop located on the territory of the plant.