Lori Berd is a medieval fortress located in the picturesque marz of Lori. The fortress was founded by David Ankhokhin (David Landless), most likely in 1005-20.

The territory of the fortress occupied 33 hectares and was in its prime in the second half of the 11th century, turning into the capital of the kingdom of Tashir-Dzoraget. In the castle of Lori Bird, a church and 2 bathrooms have been preserved. Near the castle, in the lower part of the gorge, there is an arched bridge that runs through the Urut River. On the left side of the bridge, on a rock, there are a large number of cross sculptures.

During the excavations on the territory a large amount of weapons, tools, jewelry, various clay products, glass jars, objects made of bones and stone were found - all this gives reason to believe that many types of crafts were developed in Lori. There are also items imported from other countries (particularы, from Georgia, Persia, Central Asia, and Mesopotamia).

 Lori itself is a must visit place, and Lori Berd will be one of those places where you can feel the presence of the ancient spirit.