Saghmosvank Monastery is located 20 km from Yerevan over the high gorge of the Kasakh River. The monastery was founded in 1215, when Prince Vache Vachutyan ordered the construction of the Surb Zion temple.

The Saghmosavank monastery has a repository of manuscripts, which was founded in 1255. Many thumbnail illustrations were created and copied here. The Saghmosavank book depository is one of the rather rare and original compositional structures of Armenia.

On the territory of the monastery, in the adjacent cemetery, as well as in the interior of architectural structures, many tombstones were preserved, some in the form of cross-stones with rich ornamentation. Also noticeable is the group of cross-stones on pedestals.

Visit Saghmosavank to admire not only its architecture, but also a deep gorge not far from it.







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