Ganzdasar Monastery is located 50 km from Stepanakert, near the village of Vank in Artsakh. Of all the Armenian monasteries, Gandzasar is the only permanent acting one. The monastery was founded in the 10th century.

About two hundred inscriptions are carved on the structures and memorial walls of the monastery, which are an indispensable source for studying the medieval history of not only this region, but all of Armenia. Most of these inscriptions were created by experienced scribes, and are genuine works of medieval written art.



We can say that this monastery complex is the most magnificent among all the treasures of the rich architectural heritage of the Armenian people. A great connoisseur of Armenian architecture A.L. Yakobson called him "the pearl of Armenian architecture." According to the scientists, this complex is not only “original and independent in its perfection, but also exceptional: we cannot indicate another such monument on the land of Armenia”. 

A visit to Gandzasar is one of the reasons to come to Armenia.