Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin - a monument of Armenian architecture, a church complex of the X — XIII centuries. Sanahin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery is located in the Lori region, near the city of Alaverdi. It is believed that the monastery was built on the spot where Grigor the Illuminator erected a stone cross. Not far from the temple is located the cross-domed Surb Amenaprkich - the largest building in the complex, which at one time served as the main cathedral of the Lori Kingdom. The facade of the building, which is composed of smoothly hewn basalt blocks, is decorated with a sculptural composition depicting the temple’s clergy - Curik and Smbat.

The church was badly damaged by earthquakes and enemy raids, and although it was completely restored, some of the unique elements of the decor were irretrievably lost. Sanahin beckons with its spirit of ancient greatness and wonderful nature. Visit this unique church complex to soak up harmony and grandeur.