City Tigranakert


Tigranakert is a historical Armenian city in the southeast of the Martakert region of the Artsakh Republic on the right bank of the Khachen River. The city was built in the 1st century A.D. by the Armenian king Tigran the Great, who also founded four cities named in his honor in the newly formed Armenian Empire. 7th-century historians Sebeos and Movses Kagankatvatsi mention the Tigranakert City in Artsakh. The city existed as a settlement until the late Middle Ages and was found on the territory of the Khachen principality. From this period, the inner valley of Khachenaget was called the Tigranakert field. Locals retained the name Tkrakert.


Excavations in Tigranakert in 2010 were carried out in three main parts: In the fortified area, built during the reign of Tigranes the Great, the northern wall of the fence opened. In the second part, the citadel was excavated, where cave complexes were discovered. And in the third - excavations of the basilica, where an open hall adjoins the south side of the church. At the moment, an antique large clay jug with a capacity of 600 liters with the image of a snake has already been found. Excavations revealed fragments of mosaic glass. In the Tigranakert area, archaeologists also found a large collection of glazed pottery, images of various plants and birds. At the moment, the excavations have not yet been completed, and you have the unique opportunity to see these ancient testimonies of Armenian culture directly under a layer of earth.