Khorovats Festival

At the national barbecue festival, both professional and amateur cooks take part. Just imagine, at the Khorovats festival you can taste more than 40 varieties of this dish (even vegetarians cannot resist its aroma). Another national feature is the unique side dish, which is prepared from tomatoes, eggplant and green pepper. Vegetables are fried on a fire in the same way as meat, and then served on a dish or cut and made a salad.

"Khorovats" is considered the national dish of the country, and it is no coincidence that an annual festival is organized in its honor. The festival is held in the Lori region, in the village of Akhtala (145 km from Yerevan). Famous culinary experts as well as amateurs who represent about 40 varieties of barbecue take part in it. The event is accompanied by songs, dances and games, so no one will be bored.