The Megerian Carpet company was founded in 1917 in New York. Initially, the company’s main activity was the development of new and antique carpets. In 2002 Megerian was founded in Armenia. Actually, we’re very grateful to this company, for restoring the tradition of producing handmade carpets in our country. Thanks to her activities, Armenian carpets have appeared in the world market and world exhibitions.

Over the years, the Megerian Carpet company,which produces carpets, has also contributed a unique style to the diverse and colorful world of hand-made carpets. Megerian Carpet cares both of the carpets each knot, and the transmission of particles of the old Armenian carpet making culture from generation to generation are reflected. It should be noted that the carpets are woven with both traditional and modern patterns.

We can arrange a tour to the carpet-weaving factory for ur guests. You can see that they still use the manual weaving technology used many centuries ago. You may not only glance over the production, exhibition hall, but also buy a real handmade carpet.