Since 1887, Ararat has maintained the tradition of producing the legendary brandy. Nerses Tairyan built the first wine and brandy factory in Yerevan. In 1899, the company transferred to the famous Russian partnership “N.L. Shustov and sons. " At the beginning of the 20th century, the “Shustov & Sons” company got the status of a supplier of Armenian cognac to the court of His Imperial Majesty Nicholas II.

The first Armenian brandy - “Fin-Champagne Selective Cognac”, created by Mkrtich Musinyants in 1902, was presented in the homeland of cognac - in France, where it won recognition and aroused great surprise of local craftsmen with its exquisite quality. In 1907, M. Musinyants was awarded a diploma of cooperation in the framework of the international tasting exhibition held in the city of Bordeaux. During the nationalization of all wine and brandy factories in 1920, the Yerevan Factory was the first to become the state's property.


ARARAT cognac has the following characteristics: deep amber color, rich aroma, rich taste with a velvet texture, long aftertaste. The reason for such a successful combination is the unique microclimate of the Ararat Valley. That is why ARARAT cognacs are distinguished by the variety and a wider range of taste sensations.

We invite you on an excursion to the Ararat Brandy Factory, during which you will learn about  the history of cognac, as well as taste some types of Ararat cognac.