Gyumri is the second largest city in Armenia. In antiquity, on the site of the city was the settlement of Kumayri. The name of the settlement comes from the name of the ancient tribe that inhabited this territory - the Cimmerians (contemporaries of the Scythians). Kumayri was first mentioned in the VII-VI century BC. In the Middle Ages, the city was renamed to Gyumri. For a long time it belonged to Arabs, then - Turks and Persians. During the Russian-Persian wars, Kumairi became part of the Russian Empire in 1804. In 1837, the Russian fortress Alexandropol was laid on the territory of Kumayri, in honor of the wife of Nicholas I Empress - Alexandra Fedorovna. From this moment begins the development of the city. At the end of the XIX century, a railway junction was built here, thanks to which the city became one of the Caucasus main trade centers. In 1924 the city was renamed Leninakan, and after the declaration of independence of Armenia, it was again renamed to Gyumri.


From time immemorial Gyumri has been the center of cultural events. Here “Anush” the first national opera of Armen Tigranyan, was first staged.

Gyumri is traditionally a city of crafts and arts, and this imprint can be seen on almost every stone.

Visit this city of great people and get inspired with the amazing fortitude of the Gyumri City and its inhabitants.