“Tsaghkadzor” in translation means “Gorge of flowers”. It is already clear what is this all about: mountains, snowy peaks, rivers, picturesque valleys covered with a flower carpet. The beauty of this place is impossible to describe, but that is not all; here even the air is healing.

This place was settled from ancient times. In the early Middle Ages, the local forests were the hunting grounds of the royal Arshakuni dynasty. In the X century, the area becomes the property of the Pahlavuni dynasty and is called Tsaghkadzor. In the XI century. the Kecharis monastery complex was built, which flourished until the 14th century, although it was subjected to destructive actions, in particular by the Seljuk Turks in the 12th century.


Since the end of the XIX beginning of the XX centuries, when Armenia was annexed to Russia, Tsaghkadzor became the best vacation spot for officials of the Yerevan province. And already in Soviet times, it was famous throughout the country for its beautiful ski slopes, good climate, dense forests and healing springs.

Now in Tsaghkadzor you may relax both in summer and in winter. Tsaghkadzor is a ski resort, the winters are mild and sunny.

This city has a ropeway, from here you can see all the breathtaking beauty of Armenia.