In the Lori district of Armenia, in the city of Alaverdi, at a distance of 7 km from each other, there are two monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, which are listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The construction of the oldest church of Haghpat began in 976. According to legend, Sanahin was first built. The monastery began to be built by master architects father and son. But in the process, differences began to arise between them. And then one day his son declared that he would build another monastery without the help of his father.


When the building of the monastery was completed, the old master came to look at the result of his labors. Having examined the monastery from all sides, he shook his head approvingly and said: “Ah pat!”, Which is translated from Armenian as “sound brickwork!” Relatives reconciled, and the temple has since become known as Haghpat. It is worth noting that the monastery erected at the beginning of the 10th century fully lived up to its name: during its existence, it survived more than one earthquake - and survived. Currently, Haghpat is a complex architectural complex resembling a small city where it is easy to get lost: the buildings erected around the monastery form a labyrinth with many transitions. In the 11th century, Haghpat became the religious center of Lori and became a serious competitor to the Sanahin monastery.
A trip to Haghpat will be an interesting trip for you, filled with deep feelings and a sense of beauty.