Karmravor Church

One of the most famous monuments in Ashtarak is the well-preserved Karmravor church. It was built in the 13th century by Gregory and Manas. In the center stands a round tiled dome on a faceted wide drum. On the inner walls of the church you can still see painting. The only decoration of the temple is the bright red tiled roof on the dome and on the roof of the main building. According to an old legend, three sisters from Ashtarak fall in love with one young man named Sargis.

Two elder sisters decided to sacrifice themselves for the happiness of the youngest, and donning orange (apricot color) and red clothes, rushed into a deep gorge. Upon learning of the incident, the younger sister put on white clothes and also rushed into the gorge, and Sargis became a monk from his deep grief. Later, three churches were built on the edge of the gorge: Karmravor (“karmir” - red), Tsiranavor (“tsiran” - apricot), Spitakavor (“spitak” - white). Visit Karmavor and walk along the trails where the young man once walked and the three sisters who were in love with him.


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