The Cave of Birds is located near the Arpa Gnishik River, at an altitude of 30 m. The cave is a chain of rocky rooms connected by narrow passages. In the upper parts of the rock, it has several more cracks of smaller diameter. The entrance is partially covered by large stones.

It is known that the oldest shoes in the world were found during archaeological excavations carried out in the village of Areni, Vayots Dzor region. The shoe, clogged with greens, is designed for the right foot. The shoe is small enough; its 37 size, according to European current standards. According to laboratory data, the oldest shoe has a history of 5637-5387 years.


In the Cave of Birds, a few years ago a place was found adapted for the production of wine. This is the oldest winery in the world and has a 5000-5500-year history.

You need to visit this place, as there are many sights, ancient settlements, cross-stones, the church of St. Astvatsatsin and Noravank, built by architect Momik and much more.