Tours in Yerevan

The weekend in Armenia <br /> 3 days / 2 nights
The weekend in Armenia
3 days / 2 nights
FROM: 283.54 USD
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Walking in Yerevan: City Tour <br /> 6 hours
Walking in Yerevan: City Tour
6 hours
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From Yerevan to Etchmiadzin  <br /> (8 hours)
From Yerevan to Etchmiadzin
(8 hours)
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Tours and holidays in Yerevan

Tour operator in Yerevan EDEN TOUR is pleased to offer everyone a wide range of sightseeing tours in Armenia. Departure on the tour is carried out from almost all cities of the world. Despite the low cost of tours, their quality is at the highest level.

Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, whose age exceeds the age of Rome. Citizens call their capital the "Pink City". The fact is that a large number of buildings and structures in Yerevan are faced with volcanic stone - tuff, which has a pink color. It gives the city an amazing feeling of softness and goodwill. Tourists will be surprised not only by the pink walls of the ancient city,  they will be admired by the mild climate of the Armenian capital and its wonderful inhabitants - cheerful, witty and good-natured Armenians. No one can resist the cozy charm of this old wise city, where life flows smoothly and unhurriedly. A visit to the Pink City is the best remedy for depression. 


What can be seen on a trip?

Mount Ararat, regardless of the fact that it is historically located outside of Armenia, is the hallmark of the country. No one can take a wonderful panoramic view of this mountain from the residents and guests of Armenia. Without a tour of this miracle of nature will not do any tour of the country. Yerevan is distinguished by a rather wide elevation difference (up to 400 meters) and in the city there are just as many places where you can see literally the whole city. The magnificent panorama literally fascinates travelers. The most famous and popular are viewing platforms in Victory Park and the Cascade complex, inside which, by the way, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art, which arouses great interest among visitors to the city.

The architect Alexander Tamanyan, known since the times of the USSR, put a lot of strength and talent in the restructuring of Yerevan, which began in the last century. On the Republic Square - a popular photographing site for tourists, you can see five objects built by this outstanding architect. The complex of these buildings is a beautiful architectural ensemble that tourists should definitely see.

 Another “pearl” of Yerevan, one of its “business cards” is Erebuni fortress. In the capital of Armenia, this is the most ancient structure, which was built in 782 BC.

On the territory of Armenia there is a large number of Christian monuments that remind everyone that this country was the first to adopt Christianity. The churches of St. Hakob, St. Hovhannes-Mkrtych, St. Katoghike and many others are of great interest among lovers of the history of religion. They will also be interested in the famous Blue Mosque.

All tourists will certainly be interested in visiting the Yerevan Brandy Factory. During the most exciting excursion each tourist will be offered to taste the famous products of this company.

Weather in Yerevan

In the summer the weather is sunny, windy, dry. Autumn is mild, windless. Spring  is the best time to visit the city. In winter it is quite warm (-4 ... -6) and snowy.

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