60 km from Yerevan, on a peninsula washed by the Sevan Lake waters, there is a unique monument of ancient Armenian architecture - Sevanavank Monastery, included in the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage Sites.

According to the legend, the religious complex was erected by hermit monks in the late 8th century with the support of Grigor the Illuminator and Princess Mariam from the Royal Family of Bagratuni. For a long time, the peninsula was not connected to the mainland and was a rocky stretch of land with a length of a little more than 250 m. To get to the island, it was necessary to overcome about 3 km of water, so fishermen and fugitive criminals settled on it. At the beginning of the 8th century, the monks first landed there, and founded a small settlement.

One of the surviving churches, remaining from the complex is the Surb-Karapet monastery, which was founded by Gregory the Illuminator. The temple was reconstructed in the 7th century, so it is not known what its original appearance was. The hallmark of the complex is Surb Arakelots, with the collection of cross stones in the courtyard. The khachkar, made of rock crystal is worth special attention. The Surb-Astvatsatsin monastery (9th century), also part of the monastery complex, was demolished in 1931.

The landscape from here is simply magnificent, no doubt it is necessary to visit here and enjoy the spirit of the ancient grandeur of the monastery complex with the background of the picturesque Lake Sevan.