To Karabakh’s treasures
4 days / 3 nights
4-7 pax
300.1 USD
2-3 pax
419.73 USD
From 8 pax

Karabakh is the symbol of unbreakable faith of the Armenian people!

Crystal-clean mountain air, mild climate, lush greenery, healing mineral springs make Karabakh one of

the most  attractive places for tourists. You are given a great opportunity to see Stepanakert with its green parks and

cozy yards, with  noisy and colorful  central market like an oriental bazaar ;  Shushi with its architectural

masterpiece  - Kazanchetsots Cathedral, and picturesque  Hunot Canyon; Askeran fortress  called Mayrayberd,

Gandzasar monastery complex and historical and cultural site of  Tigranakert. On the way to  treasures of

Karabakh we will also  enjoy landmarks  and stunningly   beautiful nature  of Armenia: Khor Virap,

Noravank and  Tatev, ancient observatory and mysterious place of  Zorats Karer,

ancient human settlements of  Khndzoresk and Areni winery.

Day  1.Yerevan –Goris  (overnight)

In the morning you are leaving Yerevan. On the way  you will visit the cradle of the birth of Christianity - Khor Virap  monastery and admire the majestic view of Mount Ararat. Proceeding to the monastery of Noravank among  red rocks. Upon  arrival in  Halidzor you will take   <>,  the longest rope way in the world, cable car to the monastery of Tatev. 12- minute way over Vorotan Gorge and you will never forget the stunningly beautiful nature of Suinik’s region. Visit to Tatev monastery. After the excursion you will come back to Goris. Transfer to a local hotel. Accommodation and rest in the hotel.

Day  2. Goris –Zorats Karer– Excursion to Nicol Duman’s museum - Stepanakert (overnight)

After breakfast in the hotel  you will go  from Goris to the ancient Observatory of Zorats Karer. Megalithic complex of Zorats  Karer  or Karahunj  is the famous prehistoric complex. Until now  the age of this ancient monument has been   unknown, but regardless of its age Zorats  Karer is an  impressive one : a plateau in  high mountains, where 300 vertical megaliths rise  in the form of two rings. After observing  the complex  you will continue the tour to Artsakh. Upon arrival in Karabakh you will have an excursion to  the house-museum of  Nikol Duman,  an outstanding  leader of  national liberation movement. The museum was founded  in his native village Tsahkashat  in 2004 in honour of   the 90th anniversary of his  death. Here you can see a vivid picture of  Karabakh’s  rural  life of the 19th century. You can  have a picnic in the yard and taste  national drinks.  Arrival in Stepanakert. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation and rest in the hotel.

Day  3. Stepanakert –City tour–Gandzasar  –Askeran Tigranakert Stepanakert (overnight)

After breakfast you will have a city tour in  Stepanakert. The city has many historical and cultural sites to visit and friendly locals who will happily show you around. At the heart of Stepanakert is Veratsnound (Renaissance) Square ,flanked by the Presidential Palace , the National Assembly , the Government Building and Youth Palace. A picturesque set of stairs takes you from Renaissance Square to Lovers’ Lane. The square comes to an end with a green square named after Stepan Shahumyan though called by people Pyatachok for its round form. The square is popular for its singing and dancing fountains . In the center of the square is the monument of Stepan Shaumayn.  One of the city’s most alluring sites is the central market . Finally ,no visit to Stepanakert is complete without a stop by the renowned monument and national symbol of Karabakh ,<> , the statue aslo known as papik- tatik( Grandpa grandma), symbolizes the dedication to family values ,their land and respect towards  the  elderly.Next point of our trip is Vank  village, where on the left bank of the river Khachen,  on a hill proudly stands Gandzasar Monastery (13th century). Over the centuries, it has been  a monument to the people of Christian traditions and their  wisdom.You will also visit the Askeran fortress, grand walls of which are visible by approaching   the city, and the State Historical and Cultural Reserve of Tigranakert, which was established in 2008 in the area of ​​the excavations of the ancient Armenian town of Tigranakert built by Tigran the Great in order to preserve historical and cultural heritage of the Hellenistic period. Return to Stepanakert, hotel.


Day 4. Stepanakert –Shushi (Kazanchetsots Cathedral, Kanach zham) –Hunot Gorge- Khndzoresk –Areni – Yerevan.

In the morning you  are  leaving  for  Shushi, where you will see the Shusha fortress, built by  meliks Varanda in the 18th century. The architectural gem of Shushi is a 40-meter high  Kazanchetsots Cathedral  built in 1888 on the main square of the city. Another place of interest in Shoushi is Kanach Zham church (Green church). It is called “green” due to its former green domes. The church was built in the place of old church called Gharabaghtsots, in honor of Artsakhian farmers, who had built it. A trip to  Hunot Canyon. Incredible views, fresh air, forests and monuments - Unforgettable panoramic views of Hunot Canyon makes visitors feel amazing. You will enjoy views of waterfalls, thick forests, inhabited caves of the Stone Age and the ancient ruins of the village.Departure from Karabakh and arrival in Khndzoresk . It is one of the most interesting sights in Armenia. Cave City Khndzoresk is  located on both slopes stretching for three kilometers of the mountain range. A mountain gorge spanned suspension bridge Khndzoresk, which is now no less attractive  than the actual cave city. The next point of our tour is Areni village, where at  a local winery you will taste  famous wine Areni.Return to Yerevan.

The program includes: 

-All the  transfers  

-Excursions according to the program  

-Accommodation in hotels in Goris (1n) and Stepanakert(2n)


-Winetasting in Areni 

-Entrance fees in museums and historical complexes