Artsakh at a glance
3 days / 2 nights
4-7 pax
251.84 USD
2-3 pax
339.98 USD
From 8 pax

In our short tour we will show you all main landmarks and admirable and virgin nature of Artsakh: Stepanakert with its green parks and cozy yards,with  a noisy and colorful market like an oriental bazaar, Shoushi with its architectural masterpiece Kazanchetsonts Cathedral, and picturesque Hunot Gorge; the Askeran fortress, Gandzasar monastery complex and historical-cultural reserve of Tigranakert. You will also visit the ancient observatory of Zorats Karer, Khndzoresk, the ancient people’s dwellings, and Areni winery. 

Day 1. Yerevan – Zorats Karer – Excursion to Nikol Duman’s museum – Stepanakert (overnight)

In the morning you are leaving Yerevan for Karabakh. On the way you will visit one of the most ancient observatories and a very mystical place Zorats Karer. No one knows how old the complex is but its form of two rings of 300 vertical stones attracts a lot of tourists.   

Then you will continue the tour to Artsakh. Upon the arrival in Artsakh you will have an excursion to Nicol Duman’s museum. The museum was founded in 2004 in memory of an outstanding national–liberation movement figure in his native village of Tsaghkashat. You will see a full and reliable picture of karabakhian family life just in the way the lived at the end of the 19-th century. You can have a picnic and wine tasting in the yard of the museum.

Arrival in Stepanakert. Transfer to the hotel, accommodation and rest.

Day 2. Stepanakert (city tour) Gandzasar – Askeran – Tigranakert  Stepanakert (overnight)

After breakfast in the hotel you will get acquainted with the capital of Artsakh – Stepanakert. Stepanakert is a city of green parks, monument symbol of Artsakh we and our mountains, Veratsnund square and Presidential Palace,Youth Palace and lovers’ avenue you will see all them in our city tour.

Then you will go to Vank village where  on the left bank of the river Khachen proudly stands Gandzasar monastery (13 c). It has been a monument of national tradions form many centuries.  

You will visit the Askeran fortress, great walls of it you can see when approaching the city and Historical – cultural reserve of Tigranakert, which was founded in 2008 in the area of excavations ancient town of Tigranakert built by Tigran the Great in order to preserve cultural heritage of Hellenistic period.

Return to Stepanakert.

Day  3. Stepanakert – Shoushi (Kazanchetsonts Cathedral, Kanach Zham)  Hunot Gorge Khndzoresk  Areni  Yerevan

In the morning we are going to Shoushi, the city of speaking stones, where you will see one of Shoushi’s principal attractions its medieval fortress f built by Meliks of Varanda in the 18th century. The architectural pearl of Shoushi is its 40 meter-high cathedral of Kazanchetsots built in 1888 on the main square of the city. 

The next destination popular among tourists is the Hunot Gorge, a unique natural and historical treasure, covered in dense forests. In the  depths of the gorge, there is a little gift from nature: a cave that is only accessible by going through a waterfall. The ruins of Hunot village are preserved here: several water mills, three stone bridges a church and fortresses.

Departure Karabakh and arrival in Khndzoresk considered one of the most interesting landmarks in Armenia. A cave town of Khndzoresk is located on the both slopes of the mountain chain. Over the gorge there is a suspension bridge which is no less attractive than the cave town.

When arriving in village Areni you will taste some sorts of local wine.

Return to Yerevan.


The program includes: 

-All the transfers

-Excursions according to the program

-Accommodation in Stepanakert (2 n.)


-Wine tasting in Areni 

-Entrance fees to museums and historical complexes


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